Two Dedications

Two new book signings of my ’War of the Worlds’ graphic novel (Egmont). Both depicting Emma, one of my main characters, doing things you might wanna do after you won your life back (and Martians are defeated): The upper one (for a friend living in Rome) showing her visiting the Arch of Constantine, the one below finding her searching for children’s books in what is supposed to be the book department of a big store of the time ’War of the Worlds’ is set (maybe Harrod’s? Or somewhere in Europe, maybe Belgium). Is she planning a little family with Robert, my other main character of the graphic novel? 

I love to imagine what my characters do further, especially after finishing a graphic novel.


’The War of the Worlds’ on TV (Link)

The graphic novel adaption of H.G. Wells’ ’The War of the Worlds’ (Egmont Graphic Novel) was featured on TV in the show ’Kulturzeit’ on 3Sat yesterday! They made a really nice movie/book trailer for that which is already up on their page: Link
I really enjoyed it, it’s a funny felling to see your panels animated and the story you dived in so deeply presented in a TV show, also kind of weird :-). But very happily weird, indeed!


’War of the Worlds’ Graphic Novel on German TV

Hi there! Tomorrow, at 7:20 pm, my ’War of the Worlds’ graphic novel adaption will be featured on german TV in the show "Kulturzeit" on 3Sat. I am looking forward to that, feel free to snuggle on your couch and watch this really interesting program packed with many other art-and-literature-related topics, too!



Literatur SPIEGEL Video

Here’s to a very nice video about the making of ’War of the Worlds’ by the german Literatur SPIEGEL. Thanks to Thomas Grabka and Evelin Timm for filming and editing! :-)


’The War of the Worlds’ Graphic Novel: Flip-Through Movie


A small flip-through movie of my ’War of the Worlds’ graphic novel (not the complette book, though, and in no Academy Award-winning quality, I’m afraid - but I hope you can enjoy and nevertehless get some insight in the comic :)


The War of the Worlds’ Graphic Novel Radio Update!

I’m on the radio again with my ’War of the Worlds’ graphic novel - in three different shows! The schedule is above, I hope you are likely to join in, if you don’t fear to listen to me on the speakers.