Thought I‘d upload some of the most recent dedications from cons, commissions and other opportunities.



The Rudolph Dirks Award sent me these stickers that can be put on my ‘War of the Worlds‘ graphic novel since it won the award for best literary adaption. Don‘t they look nice with all that gold? :-)

Plus, there came a poster which retailers and comic book dealers can put on display that lists all the winners. Horray!


‘War of the Worlds‘ wins the Rudolph Dirks Award!

Very very happy today: I received the Rudolph Dirks Award for 'Best Literary Adaption' for my ‘War of the Worlds' graphic novel!

The Rudolph Dirks Award is named after famous comic artist Rudolph Dirks (‘The Katzenjammer Kids‘) from the Golden Age of newspaper comics that I totally adore and that indeed were an orientation for the visual concept of ‘War of the Worlds‘. So I‘m more than honored to be awarded this prize that is the german equivalent of the Eisner Award, itself being awarded annually at the San Diego Comic Con.


‘War of the Worlds‘ Book Signing at the Comic Con in Dortmund!

Searching for a christmas gift? I'm at the Comic Con in Dortmund (Germany) next weekend, signing 'War of the Worlds' for you! Here's my schedule:

Saturday  12/9/17:

11 am - 1 pm
2 pm - 4 pm

Sunday 12/10/17:

12 am - 2 pm

On Sunday there's also a panel with me on the con where I demonstrate how I adapted this science fiction classic, with lots of pictures and some Q & A-time. It's where the workshops are on the Con!

You can find me at the booth of the 'Sammlerecke' which is run bei Uwe Lochmann. Glad to see you there!

For more details, please have a look at the Comic Con page. They're updating hall plans soon!


‘Reading Panels‘ - Comic Reading of "War of the Worlds" in Dresden

 View from our flat at the Projekttheater Dresden, where the reading was

View from my room into the backyard 

An art nouveau balcony in Dresden-Neustadt

Limestone elephants on parade

The poster of our reading on the front of the Dresdner Comicladen (Dresden Comicshop) 

Um... a door. A beautiful door!

Dresden (view onto the castle and its church on the far right)

The Frauenkirche with a soap bubble flying in

Set up begins

Katja and Adrian busily networking for our show


Tim waits

‘Over there!‘ - ‘No, better here...‘ 

That‘ll work

Testing the roll of pictures

The Reading Panels-Logo leads over for the start ...


The cast (from the back to the foreground): György De Val (sounds), Tim Gaedke (various parts), Adrian Vom Baur (various parts), Katja Klengel (various parts / Emma / Helen / Miss Elphinstone), Thilo Krapp (narrator / Robert)

Some impressions from the Reading Panels-comicbook-reading on October 22 at the Projekttheater Dresden from my graphic novel adaption of "War of the Worlds". To all guests, the theatre, and the whole cast of the Reading Panels-staff : A huge thank you! We had a helluva good time! 


‘Reading Panels‘: Live Reading of the ‘War of the Worlds‘ Graphic Novel

Lovely October is here with its busy event schedules! For instance our 'Reading Panels' live reading of my 'War of the Worlds' graphic novel at Projekttheater Dresden on the 22nd at 8 pm 
(tickets: www.reservix.de)!

This will be huge fun when four comic book artists, amongst them me, will do a reading of my comic live on stage, with sound effects and all! Whoever wanted to hear and see a scenic presentation of the story and science fiction in comic books in general can't miss :-).

So come all! Here‘s to the facts:

Sunday Oct. 22nd, 8 pm

Projekttheater Dresden, Louisenstraße 47

01099 Dresden

With fellow comic artists Katja Klengel, Adrian Vom Baur, Tim Gaedke and me :-).

See you there!


‘War of the Worlds‘ at the German Comic Con Berlin on September 30 and October 1 / Book Signing Schedule!

On September 30 and October 1st, the German Comic Con in Berlin will be held at the Messe Berlin at the Berlin fair, Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin (halls 1.2 and 3.2.). For this year‘s fair, I was asked to do the ‘official artwork’ for the con. Since my ‘War of the Worlds‘ graphic novel came out this year by Egmont, it was my first choice to do something related to that.
I was happy to use the opportunity to illustrate a scene that could have happened throughout the novel, in fact, H.G. Wells himself gives it a thought in his book: The martians going on a rampage in victorian (or, in this case, wilheminian) Berlin. The author lets his main character (in my graphic novel adaption: Robert) think about what might happen to other capitals in the world at a point of the story where ‘all seems lost‘.
A thrilling idea for the illustrator :). So I prepped this martian war machine up for a marauding tour through one of Berlins most exclusive ‘shopping districts‘ of the late 19th century: Leipziger Straße. Here big and beautiful department stores had been built, the most famous one the Wertheim store (the ‘Mall of Berlin‘ is standing on its spot today). The building‘s design set new standards for warehouse architecture, with its long vertical columns and festive ornamental style by architect Alfred Messel. On the final illustration seen above, the martian war machine seems to have just destroyed the main part of the building.
In the background on the left, there was also place for a still-standing Brandenburg Gate.
I will sign the ‘War of the Worlds‘ graphic novel on the con at the Egmont booth (hall 3.2, A7). Here‘s the schedule:

Saturday, September 30:

12 am - 2 pm

from quarter to 3 pm to half past 3 pm there‘s a panel with me about my work and supposedly some live drawing

4 pm - 5 pm

Sunday, October 1:

12 am - 2 pm

3 pm - half past 4 pm

See you there! :)