Ideen-Kasten / Idea Box

Every project can use its own inspiring tool. I once found this old glove box from the late 19th century, and thought it could be an idea box for War Of The Worlds. I mean, where I can put things into, small drafts and sketches or other things, that inspire me to get the certain "period feeling" I want for my graphic novel. And that´s what it now serves for.


Krieg der Welten Buchillustrationen / War of the Worlds book illustrations

I made these illustrations to figure out how I would prefer to do book illustrations for War of the Worlds. The most important thing to me is to catch the unique, scary and turn-of-the-century atmosphere of the book. The comic book adaption I consider could end up in a different style than these illustrations, though (because it´s another type of book media). But I aim to be as same as loyal to the contemporary setting and the subliminal horror that I tried to catch in these "period piece" illustrations. Thus I sometimes also regard them as "studies" in preparation for the graphic novel adaption.