Krieg der Welten Halloween Special / War Of The Worlds Halloween Special

Today´s the 75th anniversary of Orson Welles´ legendary radio production of War of the Worlds! A german version of it was the first encounter for me with this great story. If you want to listen to the infamous fake-broadcast of Mr. 'Citizen Kane', see here: 

  The picture above shows a book jacket illustration - not for a graphic novel, but for a traditional book edition - for War of the Worlds, done by me.
Note: I´m not sure about doing the tripods in the graphic novel the same way as I´ve done them here. But for a book edition I could really imagine to have this version of the tripods on a cover. For the illustrations of a book edition I´d prefer, see here: ClicClic.


Drawing Pages

I started drawing the pages for WotW now. It´s a lot of fun! They´re the 'skeleton' for the final result. I´m looking forward to it!


Finished the Scribbles!

Yep! Ich habe nun alle Scribbles (oder Thumbnails) fertig und vom Buch ein komplettes Storyboard erstellt! Nun kann ich mir die Geschichte "in klein" zu Gemüte führen und schauen, ob der Fluss so auch aufrecht erhalten, die Atmosphäre, die ich mir vorstelle, so wiedergegeben und die Dramaturgie stimmig ist... auf zur nächsten Etappe also!

Yay! I finished the thumbnails of the pages I´m planning to do right now. That´s the point at which you can flip through your whole adaption "in small" and by doing so, there´s the opportunity to decide, if the flow of the storytelling is best, to look for potential pacing and dramatic mistakes, if you can imagine that the scribbled page will have the kind of atmosphere that you want. So here I go! Off to the next stage of my adaption.