Half-title Book I

A half-title for my War Of The Worlds adaption. It is inspired by Arthur Heygate Mackmurdo´s cover illustration for his own book "Wren´s City Churches".


A Side Glance

While working on War of the Worlds, another story of Wells came into my mind that I read years ago: The Island of Dr. Moreau. The story follows the adventures of Edward Prendick, getting marooned on the island of the above-mentioned Doctor who creates crossings between humans and animals via vivisection. That was an issue which was up for debate at the time the book was released (about 1896). It is a disturbing and eerie thriller, and here´s a cover idea for it.


Fact Finding

Of course I want the costumes in my War of the Worlds graphic novel as contemporary as possible. I found this collection of a 1898 fashion journal on a flea market years ago. Having already plans to adapt WotW into a comic book, I instantly knew that this is great source material. So I bought it to be the Edith Head of my own adaption.