In the Storm

The main character of my War of the Worlds graphic novel adaption is in distress in this scene that I´m currenmtly working on.


The Red Weed (Preliminary Drawing)

I am now drawing the preliminary lines of the scenes where the red weed has its first major appearance in the book. It´s difficult to find a REAL appropriate form for this strange and haunting plant from Mars, which was brought onto earth by the martian spaceships.


Ideenkasten II / Idea Box II

Remember my idea box for this project? I started with a few items but it´s filling slowly but steadily with reference material and inspirations. I consider it a good thing for projects to use idea boxes, because they help you to view an idea from more than one angle constantly while working on the whole thing. Some inspirations you would forget without putting them into the box, but if you collect them, you may look them up at any time. Even if you open the box just for putting something in, you see the other material and it reminds you not to forget a certain point of view onto your project. Viva idea boxes!



After a long while drawing architectural settings, it´s a blast to draw characters again :) Yeah!



On my way through Flanders in August I found this part of an old wallpaper border. It was lying thrown away in a dumpster besides an old building that was been renovated. I instantly thought that this is good source material from the period War of the Worlds is taking place, so I grabbed it. It has a geometric Art Nouveau pattern repeat. It´s strange to walk through a city with things like that in your hands, but everything inspiring is worth the effort!


Train Scene Inkings

Aaaaaand that´s how the 'train scene' (in London) of the book looks like in the inking. You can see, comparing it with the sketch, that I made some changes to the train, and that there´s still some preliminary drawing underneath.



Am currently busy with inking London scenes of my War of the Worlds adaption.


At the Window

It´s been a long time since the last post, sorry for that! I was touring through the south of England and London to make sketches and draw inspiration for my War of the Worlds adaption. Since some weeks now, I am busily inking the pages. Here you can see a panel in which Robert (my main protagonist in the novel) is observing the devastation the Martians brought upon Woking from the window of his study. If you look very closely you can still see some of the preliminary lines underneath. Note that the panel is not yet grey shaded, that´s the following step in the 'coloring' process.


Finished the Preliminary Drawings of Book I

The preliminary drawings for book I of my adaption are finished! Now comes book II, "Earth beneath the Martians". To not confuse anybody: Book I and II are all in one book, it´s just that Wells made that allocation, obviously to dramatize the whole plot (book I tells the events building up to the Martian invasion - and it´s success -, book II the events after the Martians conquered England). I want to stick to that arrangement also in my adaption, to make it a bit more like books of that period itself, and in respect of Wells and the original.


Preparing the Erlangen Festival

The Comicsalon in Erlangen, Germany will be held from the 19th to the 22nd of June - that´s end of the week and I´m busily preparing the opening pages of my War of the Worlds graphic novel for presentation there.


Working on Woking

I am very sorry for posting so irregular  these days, but I´m busy working on the Woking scenes in the first part of the novel, so have patience with me :-). I´m coming back soon with more stuff.


Lady in a Dress

I found some great period material again! This time with a lot of clothing from the time. I think I will incorporate the dress of the lady here into one of the scenes, it´s just too lovely.


Horses and Harnesses

Fortunately, in my family has been a saddler a hundred years ago, and some of the catalogues of his business are still existing, showing a wide range of horse harnesses and gear. It´s perfect for me, because The War of the Worlds takes place in a world that was still horse-drawn, and I always found it difficult to depict the complicated intertwined reins and strings and all. Here are my models, and directly from the period!


Evolution of Tower Bridge

When the Martians invade London, there´s havoc on the Thames, and one has to decide where to let that take place. I am always a bit anxious about showing too much landmark buildings in a project like this, but some motifs are so alluring that I admit I can´t resist. So here´s the evolution of the preliminary drawings for the Tower Bridge scene, shortly before the Martians show up.



A dress study for Emma, one of my characters from War of the Worlds. This is supposed to be her travel suit that she wears when fleeing from Woking after the Martian´s attack.


Looming Disaster

The Martians land on Horsell Common and disaster is taking its course in this page of my War of the Worlds graphic novel.


Chalk Farm Scene Preliminary Drawings

Some preliminary drawings of a double page depicting the beginning of the Martian invasion in London and the infamous scene at Chalk Farm station.


Victorian London

London in the 1890ies is quite detailed. I am currently working on the preliminary drawings of the events directly before the Martian invasion there.


On the Banks of River Thames

I finished the drawings for the Shepperton scenes. Next will be the Martian invasion of London!


Sources III

Two really great books giving me the perfect source material for the Thames riverside scenes.


The Tripods

One of the most important things about War of the Worlds is of course the design of the martian tripods. I decided to portray them in a balance between Wells´ description in the book and some modernized aspects, so they won´t appear outdated, but still wellsian and frightening. This is the drawing for the page which shows the first encounter of the protagonist with them in the storm.


Military Period Dress

A lance-corporal in a (hopefully historical correct) uniform. I am currently busy with a scene in the book featuring the british military of the victorian era a bit more - and therefore studying the uniforms from that time.



Drawing becomes more and more exciting, because the tripods start to show up now.