Chalk Farm Scene Preliminary Drawings

Some preliminary drawings of a double page depicting the beginning of the Martian invasion in London and the infamous scene at Chalk Farm station.


Victorian London

London in the 1890ies is quite detailed. I am currently working on the preliminary drawings of the events directly before the Martian invasion there.


On the Banks of River Thames

I finished the drawings for the Shepperton scenes. Next will be the Martian invasion of London!


Sources III

Two really great books giving me the perfect source material for the Thames riverside scenes.


The Tripods

One of the most important things about War of the Worlds is of course the design of the martian tripods. I decided to portray them in a balance between Wells´ description in the book and some modernized aspects, so they won´t appear outdated, but still wellsian and frightening. This is the drawing for the page which shows the first encounter of the protagonist with them in the storm.


Military Period Dress

A lance-corporal in a (hopefully historical correct) uniform. I am currently busy with a scene in the book featuring the british military of the victorian era a bit more - and therefore studying the uniforms from that time.