Horses and Harnesses

Fortunately, in my family has been a saddler a hundred years ago, and some of the catalogues of his business are still existing, showing a wide range of horse harnesses and gear. It´s perfect for me, because The War of the Worlds takes place in a world that was still horse-drawn, and I always found it difficult to depict the complicated intertwined reins and strings and all. Here are my models, and directly from the period!


Evolution of Tower Bridge

When the Martians invade London, there´s havoc on the Thames, and one has to decide where to let that take place. I am always a bit anxious about showing too much landmark buildings in a project like this, but some motifs are so alluring that I admit I can´t resist. So here´s the evolution of the preliminary drawings for the Tower Bridge scene, shortly before the Martians show up.



A dress study for Emma, one of my characters from War of the Worlds. This is supposed to be her travel suit that she wears when fleeing from Woking after the Martian´s attack.


Looming Disaster

The Martians land on Horsell Common and disaster is taking its course in this page of my War of the Worlds graphic novel.