Reed Organ Scene Revised

I noticed some differences at the original instrument and the one in the picture of this music-making moment between Emma and Robert that I posted before. So I changed it a bit.
I wonder what they are playing - being in the middle of the season right now, I imagine something like this: click. With a little bit less in volume, of course :)


Skizzenanhang / Sketch Addendum

The War of the Worlds Graphic Novel will have a sketch addendum, although we - the publisher and I - don´t know yet how many pages it will have. But here´s a recent try on one of the pages about the characters.



War of the Worlds at the Comic Garden in Leipzig on the 5th of September!

Hey guys! War of the Worlds will be at the Leipzig Comic event 'Comic Garden' on the 5th of September, original artwork that I did for the graphic novel will be on display. Join me! The event takes place at a nice garden lot nearby the russian church in Leipzig, at the 'Gartengaststätte Siegismund' (Philipp-Rosenthal-Straße 51 b). Find me there, I am looking forward to seeing you :).


The Style

I try to be as true to the illustration style around 1900 for my War of the Worlds adaption as possible - above, I have tried to make a comparison. Unfortunately, I have forgotten from where the marvellous illustration on the left is, I must have cut it out one day - but I admire it´s detailed style, it´s characterization of the woman on the left, it´s sense for light and mood... on the right you can see the illustration style I use for my War of the Worlds graphic novel. I hope one can see at least a bit where I have been inspired from.


Finished Inking.

I have just finished inking the whole graphic novel. Now I am busily coloring the pages in grey  and soft black shades.


Suburban Dwelling

Some inspiration for drawing the subburban english housing in War of the Worlds you can - at least a bit - draw from some german 'garden cities' of that time as well. Like in Berlin-Frohnau. This suburb was built around 1910 for the rich who didn´t want to move to Berlin-Wannsee or -Zehlendorf, areas already very populated around that time. 
Frohnau was completely planned from scratch, the main streets and places and the train station was build to ensure administration, and the building grounds were sold one after another. The early villas have some 'Arts & Crafts' feeling to them which was very fashionable in that period and came from England. Simple but grand, wooden but impressive, they appear in a way giving you the feeling that you turn back to traditional ways of building 'close to nature'. This english suburb attitude was very much transported to Germany by Hermann Muthesius.


Underground Steam Punk

Inking an underground city towards the final chapters of the novel. At this point, the book has a lot of Steam Punk to it.



One thing I can struggle with - for a long time - when making a comic are the names of the characters. For the protagonist in War Of The Worlds, I really searched long for a matching surname. Now I found it on a list with the most popular surnames in Surrey at the end of the 19th century.


A Dark Night

This pencilled and shaded, finished dark night scene opens a crucial part of the War of the Worlds book. It is much fun and very exciting to illustrate it. In the following, the martians are about to show up in their huge tripod machines.
I have also news for you: The War of the Worlds is under contract with Egmont Graphic Novel! Please understand that I cannot say yet when it will be released, due to the amount of work it requires and because of the publishing house thinking about when to announce it (and currently being busy with other projects that have to be announced earlier). So have some patience, we will get back to you as soon as there´s more news.



Better Homes

Some of my sketches of english architecture - suburbian and metropolitan - that I made when I visited the south of England last year. They are very helpful now that I am drawing all the places and towns the martians are attacking.


The Last Man Left Alive!

"The last man left alive!" - my War of the Worlds protagonist is in a delirious state in this scene that I am currently sketching (in fact making preliminary drawings for).