Finished Inking.

I have just finished inking the whole graphic novel. Now I am busily coloring the pages in grey  and soft black shades.


Suburban Dwelling

Some inspiration for drawing the subburban english housing in War of the Worlds you can - at least a bit - draw from some german 'garden cities' of that time as well. Like in Berlin-Frohnau. This suburb was built around 1910 for the rich who didn´t want to move to Berlin-Wannsee or -Zehlendorf, areas already very populated around that time. 
Frohnau was completely planned from scratch, the main streets and places and the train station was build to ensure administration, and the building grounds were sold one after another. The early villas have some 'Arts & Crafts' feeling to them which was very fashionable in that period and came from England. Simple but grand, wooden but impressive, they appear in a way giving you the feeling that you turn back to traditional ways of building 'close to nature'. This english suburb attitude was very much transported to Germany by Hermann Muthesius.