’The War of the Worlds’ Graphic Novel: Flip-Through Movie

A small flip-through movie of my ’War of the Worlds’ graphic novel (not the complette book, though, and in no Academy Award-winning quality, I’m afraid - but I hope you can enjoy and nevertehless get some insight in the comic :)


The War of the Worlds’ Graphic Novel Radio Update!

I’m on the radio again with my ’War of the Worlds’ graphic novel - in three different shows! The schedule is above, I hope you are likely to join in, if you don’t fear to listen to me on the speakers.


’The War of the Worlds’ Graphic Novel is Out Now!

The graphic novel adaption of H.G. Wells' famous ’War of the Worlds’ is officially out now!

I am soooo superhappy :-). And I hope you like it - as well as I do, I did my very best - the book is so truthful to the Wellsian novel, I can guarantee that - so, if you read it, you really should have the impression what the book is like (though my adaption it is an own piece of work as well, of course :-).

You can purchase the book everywhere in stores and of course on the evening of the book premiere (on January 20 at 8 pm, at the Bibliothek am Luisenbad (a library), 13357, Travemünder Straße 2, Berlin - the entrance is free), too, and I will gladly sign it for you.

More information and pictures are following soon.


Radio Interview about ’The War of the Worlds’ Graphic Novel

Next Sunday, January 8, at 6.40 pm there will be an interview with me on radioeins about my graphic novel adaption of "The War of the Worlds" by H.G. Wells. I am looking forward to it and to many listeners!

It’s exciting to talk about this comic in a medium where (concerning me and my intention to adapt ’War of the Worlds’) everything began :-).


’War of the Worlds’ Graphic Novel Exhibition

Hanging the ’War of the Worlds’ exhibition at the Bibliothek am Luisenbad, a library in the Berlin borough Wedding. The exhibition is from January 2nd to February 24th, you can see original preliminary drawings of the graphic novel pages as well as some conceptional art and finished artwork. The exhibition accompanies the book premiere on January 20, 8 pm, at the same library in the so-called ’Puttensaal’, a beautiful belle epoque room where I will show my workflow on ’War of the Worlds’ throughout the years and how I came to do this famous classic as a comic book. Everyone is welcome to attend! I’m accompanied at the piano by Jörg Walter and entrance is free.