‘Reading Panels‘ - Comic Reading of "War of the Worlds" in Dresden

 View from our flat at the Projekttheater Dresden, where the reading was

View from my room into the backyard 

An art nouveau balcony in Dresden-Neustadt

Limestone elephants on parade

The poster of our reading on the front of the Dresdner Comicladen (Dresden Comicshop) 

Um... a door. A beautiful door!

Dresden (view onto the castle and its church on the far right)

The Frauenkirche with a soap bubble flying in

Set up begins

Katja and Adrian busily networking for our show


Tim waits

‘Over there!‘ - ‘No, better here...‘ 

That‘ll work

Testing the roll of pictures

The Reading Panels-Logo leads over for the start ...


The cast (from the back to the foreground): György De Val (sounds), Tim Gaedke (various parts), Adrian Vom Baur (various parts), Katja Klengel (various parts / Emma / Helen / Miss Elphinstone), Thilo Krapp (narrator / Robert)

Some impressions from the Reading Panels-comicbook-reading on October 22 at the Projekttheater Dresden from my graphic novel adaption of "War of the Worlds". To all guests, the theatre, and the whole cast of the Reading Panels-staff : A huge thank you! We had a helluva good time! 


‘Reading Panels‘: Live Reading of the ‘War of the Worlds‘ Graphic Novel

Lovely October is here with its busy event schedules! For instance our 'Reading Panels' live reading of my 'War of the Worlds' graphic novel at Projekttheater Dresden on the 22nd at 8 pm 
(tickets: www.reservix.de)!

This will be huge fun when four comic book artists, amongst them me, will do a reading of my comic live on stage, with sound effects and all! Whoever wanted to hear and see a scenic presentation of the story and science fiction in comic books in general can't miss :-).

So come all! Here‘s to the facts:

Sunday Oct. 22nd, 8 pm

Projekttheater Dresden, Louisenstraße 47

01099 Dresden

With fellow comic artists Katja Klengel, Adrian Vom Baur, Tim Gaedke and me :-).

See you there!